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Men are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of aesthetic treatments in record numbers. Last year, almost 1.5 million aesthetic procedures were performed on men, and the demand continues to grow.

The reasons? More men are working longer and want to have a look that allows them to compete with younger job-seekers, or to assimilate with younger colleagues.

Men are also staying far more active than a generation ago and want their physical appearance to reflect their mental age.

Experience Advanced Technology For Men

We have been providing exceptional non-surgical aesthetic services to men throughout Orange County and beyond.  Men trust CCMI because we understand the dramatic differences in the male face.

We offer the latest techniques using advanced equipment to help you create a refreshed, youthful face, including:

  • Botox and other injectables – Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Chemical peels – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, refreshes skin
  • Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment for permanently reducing submental fat (aka the double chin).
  • Laser hair removal – Disables follicles to prevent hair growth
  • And more…